To Lease or Not to Lease a Cadillac in San Antonio

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To Lease or Not to Lease a Cadillac in San Antonio

Cavender Cadillac

Best safety features in the 2015 Cadillac CTS


Leasing a vehicle is becoming more and more of an attractive option to those of you in San Antonio in the market for a luxury vehicle, and Cavender Cadillac is proud to offer some of the most luxurious Cadillacs for lease here in the state.


If you’re on the lookout for a Cadillac Escalade, an SRX, XTS, CTS, ATS, or any of our other luxury auto options, Cavender Cadillac has the perfect option for you at our dealership right now.

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For those of you considering our leasing option on your next vehicle, here are a few commonly asked questions to help you decide whether leasing or buying a vehicle is the best option for you.

What exactly is leasing a vehicle?

When you lease a Cadillac, we find an agreeable term option that ranges anywhere from 24 to 60 months. You can lease either a new vehicle or a certified pre-owned Cadillac, and the total mileage limits are created based on a 15,000 mile per year average.

Leasing a Cadillac has many benefits, including a lower minimum credit score and lower monthly payments compared to buying. However, you should expect to pay slightly higher insurance costs because the vehicle is not technically under your ownership.

Okay, I want to lease a Cadillac—how do I make it happen?

First decide how long you’d like to lease the vehicle, calculate how many miles you think you’d average per year and talk to your car insurer. And come see us to choose your dream Cadillac and find the right leasing terms! Give us a call for more information at (210) 226-7221.

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Why You Need a Luxury Cadillac

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Whether you’re purchasing a new vehicle in San Antonio, new furniture in your house or a new flat screen television for your entertainment room, going for the “luxury” option is usually considered splurging. But what if we at Cavender Cadillac were to tell you that purchasing a luxury car in San Antonio is actually quite a wise investment? Would you believe us? Let us explain why you might need a luxury Cadillac, whether it’s a 2015 Cadillac Escalade, SRX or an ATS!


The fact that San Antonio and the U.S. in general faces is that we spend a significant amount of time on the road. You aren’t immune to this fact—just think of how much of your time is spent in the daily commute! Researchers from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute conducted a study that concluded that commuters living in the 30 largest cities in the U.S.  average about one hour on the road every workday.



When you add up all of this time it comes out to 346 hours and 40 minutes per year commuting between your house and your work. Now consider that the average lifespan of a Cadillac is over 200K miles, meaning that you’re going to have your Cadillac for many years. Wouldn’t you want to purchase a vehicle that offers you the greatest comfort and enjoyment for all that time you spend on the road? Whether it be a premium sound system to enjoy your music to the fullest, premium interior and seats to maximize your comfort, or a high-performance engine from the ATS to add a sense of fun to your drive, these “luxury” options are an investment in your daily enjoyment, and in the long run, an investment in your overall health and well-being.


Luxury has always been the standard for Cadillac, and we think you deserve to be held to such high standards.


Click here to view our vast inventory of luxury vehicles in San Antonio.



We are proud to call San

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Cadillac Escalade LED Headlights Score Consumer Reports Record Setting Rating

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When you think of a vehicle’s features, how often do you consider the quality of the headlights? Probably not too often, but there’s nothing quite as bad as having poor visibility on your night drive through the Texas Hill Country or down I-35 in San Antonio.


Not only is it an annoyance—it’s unsafe. Roughly 35 percent of automobile deaths happen between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. even though roads are far emptier at this time of day. This just goes to show how important good visibility is to your safety. And as important as your driving visibility is other traffic’s recognition of you. So when you really think about it, headlights should be a crucial factor when you are in the market for a new vehicle, and for those of you considering the Cadillac Escalade you will appreciate that the 2015 Escalade’s LED headlights are without a doubt the best in its class.

Click here for our inventory of the 2015 Cadillac Escalade in San Antonio


Since Consumer Reports began testing headlight performance in 2004, there has never been an “Excellent” award given. For eleven long years there have only been a handful of “Very Good” ratings dished out, but the 2015 Cadillac Escalade marks the first vehicle to achieve the “Excellent” rating for their headlights. This record achieving ranking owes itself to the Escalade’s low-beam headlights and high-beam driving and headlight mounting heights. These lights are reported to illuminate the road as far as 400 feet out on a night drive.


If night driving is somewhat routine for you, you may want to take a closer look at the headlight options on the 2015 Cadillac Escalade. Aside from its luxurious interior, performance, and top-of-the-line features, the Escalade’s headlight range is shedding quite a bit of light on how important visibility is—for your driving experience as well as your safety.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2015 Cadillac Escalade, check out our write up!


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Cadillac Increases Power Output in 2016 ELR by 25 Percent

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A few weeks ago, Cavender Cadillac covered the expected price drop on the 2016 Cadillac ELR in San Antonio, which you can read about here. Cadillac aficionados in Texas have most likely also heard that the new model of the ELR will possess 25% more power output than its predecessor, but it hasn’t seemed as if much has changed in terms of the new ELR’s motor or engine. So how is Cadillac able to offer such a massive upgrade with the 2016 ELR without much changing?


The answer to that is that there actually have been many changes made to the 2016 model of the ELR—just small changes. Sam Abuelsamid, a senior research analyst at Navigant Research (a company that analyzes clean technology on a global scale) commented on these small changes to the ELR. He said, “The changes to the ELR as I understand them are analogous to getting more performance out of a 1965 Mustang with the entry version of the [V8]…The basic engine hasn’t changed, but power capability is being unleashed by feeding it more.”




He goes on to say that“Cadillac has changed components in the power electronics to enable more current flow into the motor and thus produce more torque…the ELR probably has some upgraded clutches, bearings, and gears to withstand the increased total output.”

Essentially, the 2016 ELR has seen updates to its software code to allow for more motor efficiency, and in order to manage the additional power, smaller mechanics have been upgraded. A blend of old-school and new-school, if you will. At the end of the day, though, what matters is the final product. A cheaper and newer ELR that offers 25 percent more power is just plain impressive.

If you’re in the San Antonio area and looking for a hybrid coupe, keep your eyes peeled about the 2016 Cadillac ELR in San Antonio—and follow Cavender Cadillac on Twitter or “like” us on Facebook to get up-to-date information about this impressive new vehicle.




We are proud to call San

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Cavender Cadillac has been serving the San Antonio area for 30 years. If you are searching for new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs in the San Antonio, Live Oak, New Braunfels, Seguin area, visit Cavender Cadillac today.

Cadillac Racing Hopes to Win Big in Detroit | Cavender Cadillac

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The Pirelli World Challenge Series Cadillac V-Series Challenge on Detroit’s Belle Isle Raceway takes place this weekend, with two Cadillac Racing drivers excited about the opportunity to win big in the motor city. Johnny O’Connell and Andy Pilgrim were interviewed by Autoblog regarding the race and their hopes for success at Belle Isle.

cadillac, racing, san antonio, texasO’Connell is fresh off a two-race sweep at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park two weeks ago. And considering he has achieved five big wins and one second place finish out of his six starts in Detroit, O’Connell ought to feel good about his chances. However, he did intimate some nervousness regarding the race, citing the Belle Isle circuit’s repaving as an element to be extra careful about. He said:


“Like always, it’s going to take perfect execution from every person on the team to be successful this weekend…I need to be very time aware and efficient in practice and then be 100 percent perfect for qualifying, as a good starting position will be critical. The new pavement will have us doing a little more setup work, as our past data may not apply. A smooth track is a fast track.”


Pilgrim, who has seen his own share of success with three placing races and a second place finish in 2014, mentions his recent troubles on the racetrack as a catalyst for performing well this weekend. He also commented on the pressure of driving Cadillac in the auto company’s hometown, saying:

“There is definitely more pressure running in Detroit, especially right in front of the Ren Cen and all the GM brass… But once you’re in the car, you have to forget what’s outside and just focus hard on the job at hand.  We want to win every time out, no matter where we are, but being on the podium in Detroit is always especially sweet.”

From San Antonio, Cavender Cadillac wishes these racers nothing but the best! Sunday’s World Challenge race will be televised for the first time on CBS Sports Network on May 31 at 12pm ET.

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Cavender’s Cool Cadillacs #1: The Cadillac Mirage

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San Antonio: Like “Bruce Springsteen” and “boss,” “Tim Duncan” and “fundamentals,” “Cadillac” and “cool” are two words that are the perfect fit for one another. Throughout its storied history, Cadillac has epitomized coolness time and time again with their cruisers.

These autos are often crafty, sometimes quirky, and always “cool,” and we at Cavender Cadillac in San Antonio thought it’d be fun to take a look back from time to time to cover some of Cadillac’s most remarkable vehicles of the past, simply as a reminder to us all that there’s nothing as cool as the old school.

Cheesy? Yes. True? You’d better believe it.


May we present to you the Cadillac Mirage in all its glory.



 Where to begin with this quirky cool Cadillac? We could tell you all about its mind-boggling features like the Caddyshack-inspired golf bag door (ahh, the 70s) but the story behind the Mirage is what is most fascinating.


Essentially a pickup truck that started out as a 1976 Coupe Deville, Cadillac commissioned this from builder Gene Winfield, who took the Coupe Devilles, cut them and put a pickup bed in the back, and sold them at Cadillac dealerships. Sounds like a small operation, no?


Small indeed! On record, only 216 of these El Camino looking Cadillacs were produced. Under the hood is an 8.2L V8 that pumps out 400 pounds per foot of torque. It’s got some hop for a machine that weighs 4,500 pounds of pure American steel. Considering so few were made, it’s nearly impossible to come across a Cadillac Mirage to test drive, but we hear these things are remarkably silky smooth, even for a Cadillac. And you know that’s saying something.

The console is a bit dated with the 70s style dashboard, but sometimes 70s isn’t so bad. The drive feels like you’re sitting in an old school plush recliner. It’s really too bad that so few Cadillac Mirages were produced, because this car seems like it’d be a dream to drive.

A Cadillac with a truck bed is reason enough to give this model a “Cavender’s Cool Cadillac” seal of approval.

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Price Cuts to Come For the 2016 Cadillac ELR Coupe

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For all those Cadillac lovers out there excited about the 2016 Cadillac ELR Coupe and its jaw-dropping clean energy and regal features, but put off by the incredibly steep price tag on last year’s model, we at Cavender Cadillac have good news to report.


A head honcho of the marketing department at Cadillac has gone on record to state that the ELR pricing was so high it was beyond unnecessary.


What? A company admitting its mistake? What is this, honesty hour?


The Cadillac ELR’s initial price tag is so lofty compared to other electric hybrid cars because its many lavish features come standard—a very different offering than every other electric hybrid on the market, that comes standard with very bare bones. All you San Antonians know that pulling punches when it comes to luxury is simple not the Cadillac way. And because of this, the price tag is noticeably higher than more run-of-the-mill electric hybrids.



Regardless, Cadillac’s marketing chief, Uwe Ellinghaus, noted “One thing is fair to say: We’ve had a great learning exercise with this car.”


Hindsight is 20/20, and Cadillac shouldn’t beat themselves up for reaching for the stars, but the silver lining with this realization is that Cadillac will be going back to the proverbial drawing board to produce a more moderate price-tag for the ELR. It truly is an incredible machine, and Cadillac just wants more people to be able to experience the ELR’s masterful blend of economy and luxury.


Cadillac has dared greatly time and time again. What we at Cavender Cadillac in San Antonio appreciate about the company is that they are able to recognize where they have fallen short and work to gain that ground back.


Keep your eye out for a price cut on the 2016 ELR coming soon. Its price tag is shaping up to be a much more cost-effective machine.


We are proud to call San

Antonio home.

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Cadillac V12 Victoria Convertible Discovered in Barn in Austin Texas

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Do you ever watch Pawn Stars or Buried Treasure on Netflix and think to yourself, “That’s not such a special find.” Well, you probably won’t be saying that about what Motostalgia uncovered at a nearby barn. They came across a TON of dusty vintage vehicles that are incredibly rare and sought after in the auto geek community, one of them being a prototype Cadillac V12 Victoria convertible.


So here’s the scoop: a local auto buff bought up a bunch of these vehicles intending to fix them up to enjoy or sell, but ended up letting them rust quietly in his barn throughout the years. According to Jalopnik, the cars haven’t moved a muscle since the 1970s at the very latest. Among the auto finds, Motostalgia uncovered a 1932 Cadillac Model 370B Convertible Victoria, which has mounted a V12 135 horsepower engine and a three-speed manual transmission.

The treasure that is this vintage Cadillac is not so much what is under the hood—rather, it’s the context of how this vehicle came about. Motostalgia states:

 According to the research done by our consignor, this car carries what is effectively a prototype body for Cadillac’s Convertible Victoria. Starting with a Town Coupe, modifications were made to create a rather stunning coachwork where the proportions and lines played well on the multi-cylinder car chassis. This body, which carries serial No. 1, was placed on a 370-B chassis and was used for a number of marketing tests and engineering studies. While 3 other similar bodies would eventually find their way to the V16 chassis, this is the only example ever placed on a V12 car. After its corporate uses were completed it was presented to an executive of the Cadillac Division where it was used for a couple of year before being sold off. Our consignor acquired the car in the late 1960’s, at which time it appeared to have had some cosmetic work done, but the body was sound and solid. When the family moved to Texas in the early 1970’s, this V12 Convertible Victoria followed 


Other Cadillacs in the collection include a 1938 Cadillac V-16 Series 90 Fleetwood Limousine once owned by the Wrigley Family and a 1933 Cadillac Model 370C V-12L. Both impressive vehicles by any measure, but the real treasure here is the Model 370B Convertible Victoria.


Nothing quite like dusting off an oldie.


We are proud to call San

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William Shatner’s Motorcycle Design Based on Cadillac CTS-V Engine | Cavender Cadillac San Antonio

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All of us in San Antonio appreciate what’s underneath hood of the Cadillac CTS-V. It’s built to perform, plain and simple. And it appears that William Shatner is quite an admirer of the CTS-V’s engine because he has embarked on quite a strange project—building a motorcycle that builds on the foundation of the Cadillac CTS-V’s motor.

Check out our inventory of the 2015 Cadillac CTS-V in San Antonio


The Rivet One trike is brought to you by motorcycle company American Wrench, which has allowed Shatner to help them engineer the strange motorbike you see above. It possesses an aluminum body and an easy chair seating style that really stands out compared to other motorcycles of its kind. What is so bizarre, though, is that Captain Kirk has decided to use a car engine as the motorcycle’s foundation. Shatner discussed his decision, stating “It’s a beast with advanced guts. It’s powered by an all-aluminum, computer-controlled, supercharged and intercooled V8 engine—producing over 500 HP.”

Although it seems to be a strange decision, it’s hard to argue with the specifications on the CTS-V engine. A 6.2L supercharged V8 engine with 640 Horsepower and 630 lb.-ft of torque is quite the unadulterated power. When nestled in the body of the CTS-V, it can top out at 200mph on the racetrack, and it can go 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. Now just imagine that motor fixated on a three-wheeler—that sucker is going to have some get-up-and-go.


Shatner is planning to ride his pet project from Chicago to Los Angeles later on this year, so keep your ear to the ground regarding that. And if you like what you see, American Wrench is currently taking requests for the trike on a built-to-order basis as soon as Shatner’s model is complete. Just expect prices to be as out-of-this-world as Shatner must be for deciding to undergo such a wild project.

Our 4 Favorite Events During Fiesta San Antonio

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Fiesta is a special time for us in San Antonio. Put on by the Fiesta San Antonio Commission, our local-yet-world-famous festival honors the memory of our fallen heroes at the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto with a multitude of music, arts, dances, parades, and almost anything else you can think of!

Fiesta is one of the events in our city that truly helps define it, so we at Cavender Cadillac wanted to share our favorite events that take place during this 10-day celebration.

1.  Fiesta Oyster Bake


fiesta oyster bake favorite things cavender cadillac

A great music event with rockin’ music, an endless supply of oysters, and a great cause! What’s not to love? Headliners this year include Loverboy, Sevendust, P.O.D., Michael Salgado, and Naughty by Nature.

2. Fiesta Arts Fair



One of the highlights of the entire festival, we love perusing through the contemporary art from 120 different artists throughout the nation. It’s a great place to shop for hand-crafted paintings, jewelry, photographs, and ceramics for yourself or loved one!

 3.  Battle of Flowers Parade



 It says something when you’re the oldest parade at Fiesta San Antonio. The Battle of Flowers parade is also the only parade in the US that is put on entirely by women! The R.O.T.C. unit drills, the military and university marching bands, and the spectacular floats are just a few reasons why we love to set up shop for this parade.

4. Fiesta Flambeau Parade



How could we leave off the epic Night Parade? This parade is as big as many other national parades throughout the world.

Totaling a whopping 150 parade entries, you can always count on a wide spectrum of performers whether they look like this:



Or like this:



These parade entries come from all across the United States to San Antonio to participate in this world famous event. For those of you new to town, if you want to experience a fantastic celebration that really captures what Fiesta is all about, we’d point you to the Fiesta Flambeau Parade.

If you’re looking for tickets to any or all of these events, here’s where to grab them!

Viva Fiesta!

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