AUTO REPAIR & MAINTENANCE SERVICE MENU For a full spectrum of expert auto services and repairs in San Antonio, choose Cavender Cadillac.


OIL CHANGE Starting at $70

Oil changes should be done every 6 months or 5000 miles to keep your vehicle in good shape. Our service includes engine oil & oil filter changes with OEM-approved oil for your vehicle.

cadillac tire alignment

TIRE ROTATION Starting at $30

Did you know that poor alignment or unbalanced tires can cause uneven wear? For optimal tire performance, tire rotations are recommended every 10,000 miles or annually.

AC Delco

BATTERY REPLACEMENT Starting at $299.99

As your battery ages, it loses its capacity to hold an electrical charge. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection and replacement only if necessary. Replacement is suggested every 2 to 4 years.

White Cadillac Escalade

FOUR-WHEEL ALIGNMENT Starting at $199.99

Proper tire alignment can improve your vehicle's handling and overall driving experience. Our service includes inspection of the front & rear suspension/steering components and adjustment of toe-in, camber, and caster if needed. 

Cadillac Transmission Fluid

TRANSMISSION FLUID Starting at $399.99

To keep your transmission running its best, it’s recommended to have the fluid flushed every 30,000 miles. We use only factory-approved transmission fluid and will also inspect the transmission housing, seals, and cooler lines for leaks.

Cadillac Brake Pads

BRAKE-PAD REPLACEMENT Starting at $299.99

Proper brake function is crucial to the safety of you and your passengers. We’ll check your callipers, hoses, and hardware; inspect the master cylinder; replenish brake fluid; and examine the tire for irregular wear.

Cadillac Multi-point inspection


Free of charge, our certified service technicians will perform a thorough multi-point inspection on your vehicle to ensure it's running in tip-top shape.

Cadillac Windshield wipers


Maximize your visibility & safety by getting the right windshield wiper blades for your vehicle. Blades are custom fit to clear the maximum area and built with quality materials built to last.

Cavender Cares

MILITARY DISCOUNTS IN SOUTH TEXAS To show our support for San Antonio, TX's veterans and military personnel, we also offer free oil changes for life plus additional military discounts on all vehicle services.

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